Mesmerising Karakorum

Steady driveway towards Gilgit

Karakorum highway is the main road network that stretches over a length of more than 700km of mountainous terrain from Pakistan northern Abbottabad towards northern areas of Gilgit Hunza all the way to China border at Khunjerab pass. It encompasses breath taking views of Pakistan mountainous landscapes and Rivers. It has also become a road link for CPEC the newly emerging trade sector between China and Pakistan ultimately leading to the port city of Gwadar. The Karakorum highway is also reminiscent of old silk route , the famous trade route between China and Pakistan in ancient times. The region also becomes a focal point for worlds three longest mountain ranges Karakorum, Himalaya and the Hindukush.

Rakaposhi peak viewpoint near Hunza

Climbing the Babusar top at 13800 ft

A more closer look at the Nanga Parbat peak ; you just cant get your eyes off

must watch! Glimpses of Karakorum highway

View of Karakorum Highway and Hunza river from Altit Fort, Hunza

Tons of rocks crushed to create wonderful Karakorun Highway (KKH
Nanga Parbat also called Killer mountain and Pakistan’s second highest peak
First sight of beautiful Rakaposhi peak while going towards Hunza
The magnificent Khunjerab National park
View of Karakorum Highway and Hunza river from Altit Fort, Hunza
Steep climb towards Babusar top but really worth it
Extremely long Attaabad Lake tunnel during night